20 April 2006

inspire me

Excellllllent et inspirant en effet :))

About InspireMe.tv

What inspires artists and designers to do the work they do? What environment do they work in? What lies on the other side of the monitor?

InspireMe.tv presents personal insights into creativity, filmed by the artists themselves. No script. No instructions. Just a brief to show the world what inspires them, what books are on their shelves right now, where they work or simply talk about what's on their mind at that moment in time.

But this is not a one-way thing. This is all just part of the mix. Have your say on the forums attached to each video. Rant, rave, say what you want, just say something. Tell us who you'd like to see featured in future editions. Tell us and the world what inspires you to do the work you do.